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Business License

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New Business License

To obtain a new Business License, a person would need to bring a completed application to City Hall, along with the following documentaion: Lease Agreement (if renting business space), Proof of Ownership (if owner of business space), Tax Id # for the Business, Personal Identification.

Original Business License Fee is $60.

Business License Renewal

Business License Renewal letters go out to current business licensees during the month of October. Payment and required renewal paperwork is due between January 1 and March 31 of each year. After April 1, business license renewal is late and is subject to a late fee.

Failure to obtain and/or renew business license on time can result in citations, fees, or additional action.

Business License Renewal Fee is based on the amount of a business's annual receipts. 

For more information about Business License or other fees and permits, please email the City Clerk, at

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